If you are reading this I assume you are familiar with my work. My Fabric Collage World has been going strong for 14 years. I love finding new images, quotes, fabrics and items to apply them to. I love doing shows, seeing familiar and meeting new, vendors and customers. I love having my booth filled with people L-ing OL! This past August I did something daring even for me…I moved across the country where my 2 daughters live, to Portland, Oregon. Although I have done and will try to do local shows, this has meant flying across the country to do others. It involves packing all my inventory, renting displays, hotels and car rentals…it involves hair pat-downs at security at airports (yes apparently my hair is a potential security risk)flying with a 3 hour time difference in cramped airline seats. So when you look at my Art Fair Schedule you will see this isn’t for the faint of heart and I really love what I do!!!